Our hope is to make a tangible difference in the lives of those struggling with substance use disorder, and guide others to learn how to live a sober and purposeful life.

What Is A Vision For You?

A Vision For You provides a structured and sober living environment to those struggling with substance use disorder. Our program is designed to allow the individuals to take the next step into their recovery by learning to live life on life’s terms. Not only will our residents learn tools and ways to cope with life by attending 12 step meetings, regular house meetings, and recovery based activities; they will develop and grow into their new lives with a host of friends as “we commence shoulder to shoulder our common journey and escape disaster together” – residents will be encouraged and assisted in gaining employment and learn to  support their own way by paying their own rent, bills, fees etc. We change one thing when we enter recovery… EVERYTHING!

This Recovery Home is different than transitional housing. This is not where one can rent a room. This is for those who want to change their lives and walk again free from the desire to drink and use drugs. We value action-based 12 step recovery, with guided structure, encouraged sponsorship and healthy lifestyle changes to ensure long term successful abstinence.

Structured sober living home

Community and fellowship

Service work opportunities

Life skills/cooking/financially self supporting

Individualized support to help transition from treatment to the real world

12 step guidance and recovery coaching

Aiding in job placement

House Recovery Meetings

Local to Major transportation

Peer led accountability groups

Join Us

If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, and you are ready to “commence shoulder to shoulder our common journey and escape disaster together”, then join us as we put back together our lives and learn how to live useful and purposeful lives.

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