When i think of recovery I think of battle. A war. Like in the movies World War Two. Blood, sweat, tears, in the trenches down and dirty fighting with your brothers for your life. From day one when anyone needed what we call a twelve step call or needed help as a result of their addiction Marshall was the first to ride out, no questions asked. I’m talking drop any and everything to save another from the firing lines of the battle we face everyday. When we grazed over the idea of starting a business in recovery it was just thought, something out reach. Marshall and I share the same vision , in that, our purpose is to help as many people as we possibly can from this disease, this epidemic, from being just another statistic. Our predecessor BJ Booths last words to us were that -he lived the last years of his life sober in overtime, as he should have died long before he had the chance. He lived a good life because he didn’t stop helping people. And said that we could have the same. We both choose to live a life of love and service And value what it means to have the responsibility to give to others what was freely given to both of us. What started as an idea came to life. We showed up and and God did the rest. We hope many men start their new chapters of sobriety in our recovery residence and hope you join us in continuing to carry the message of hope, love, and recovery.

Meet Tyler,
The first night I met Tyler I was 19 years old, I had just gotten out of jail a couple weeks prior, I was living in a halfway house, and I had no purpose in life. We were standing outside of a 12 step recovery meeting and he was talking to a few of the guys who were living at the halfway house (which is the same house he had gotten sober at a few year prior). I am not sure what he was talking about but the only thing I remember him saying is “To thy own self be true”. I was not aware at the time that the back of our medallions say those same words and I thought it was incredibly profound. I had never fully been honest with myself or anyone in my whole life. I befriended Tyler over the next couple of months because I wanted what he had. My life was not going anywhere. He showed me how to live sober and how to have fun. He taught me how to learn from my mistakes and he taught me how to be honest. He did not do this teaching by telling me what to do either, he did this by living this way and allowing me into his life to see it. Tyler was part of the group that help save my life. He continues to live this way and is always growing. He has a family now. He works very hard and he loves very hard. He is always on fire for recovery and helping the new guy. There would not be another person I would want to share “A Vision for You” with.

– Marshall

This is Marshall,
and I’m not really sure where he came from… one day like a fungus he just popped into our group of brothers that were on fire for recovery and started growing on us all like a mold of some sorts. His energy was addictive and the fire in his eye to help was apparent right away. Together we learned through being brothers in our defects how to have a spiritual experience by being of service to others. Any time someone reached out for help Marshall was the first to answer and the first to ride out FOB AVENGER STYLE!  Through living a spiritual program of action I’ve watched Marshall go from a scrawny red headed gangster with no hope left in his eyes, to a loving partner, a friend that’s genuine, and grow a passion to save others from the pit of hell addiction brings us to. When I think of anyone to start this endeavor with, no question Marshall was first in line. He is the definition in my opinion of what it means to have a servants heart. He has the ability like no other to empower others and build community. It is safe to say I wouldn’t be here without Marshall by my side, helping me grow personally, professionally and altruistically. His impact on others is a rock in the foundation that brought a vision for you to life. 

– Tyler

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